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Sorrel: A Well-adapted and amazing plant full of benefits


Sorrel provides numerous health benefits. It is a plant with small and strong branches that grow in our environment very easily. However, it is still underused, mainly because its important properties for human and animal consumption are not widespread. Very pleasantly flavoring preparations This fruit has many varieties; it grows in Paraguay is the Hibiscus […]

Alligator Pepper: Alternative Treatments to Eliminate Fibroids

Alligator Pepper

Around 40% of women have fibroids before reaching menopause. In most cases, women do not use any formal treatment for benign tumors to be caused by hormonal imbalances can be controlled in a very simple way through natural treatments. The main causes of the occurrence of fibroids are mainly hormonal changes. Lifestyle, diet and stress […]



Lovage: A fantastic plant for many purposes Lovage is a medicinal plant of the Umbelliferae family, which belong as well known as parsley or fennel plants. Celery is a natural medicinal plant in Europe and Far East. It appears as a wild plant in many moist and marshy places. As a vegetable, it is cultivated […]