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Among the largest properties of Marshmallow Root, it is possible to highlight its power to benefit the respiratory system. It is also an excellent anti-inflammatory. This perennial herbaceous plant belongs to the mallow family. Yet, while it belongs to the same species as the hollyhocks, it actually tends to be much larger. Everyone, at least once, has noticed its soft and hairy leaves. With a fairly thick root, its flowers are white and red. These roots are powerful because they contain large amounts of mucilage, but if you actually want to keep the plant, you can use its flowers, leaves and stems, which have the same properties as the root. It is absolutely beneficial for combating bronchitis, cough, ad it is ideal to relieve toothache and mouth sores. Are you looking to learn the hidden secrets of Native American Herbal Remedies? Native Americans used this plant to treat wounds and snakebites.

Natural Benefits

Herbal medicines have been around for an extremely long time. Ancestors of all cultures used herbal medications long before modern medicine was around. Few of herbals have as many virtues, benefits and medicinal applications like marshmallow root. This is a natural and great herbal remedy for health. For instance, due to its restorative function, it can be used as a balm and as a digestive aid. Plus, it can aid respiratory and skin issues by applying it externally.The usual way is to use the marshmallow balm for cough and mucus. As soon as you try it, this will soften the alveoli and you will feel much better. Not to mention, it is a great ally to expel mucus and to deal with asthma and bronchitis. If you mix the marshmallow infused with corn silk, it is the perfect combination to combat cystitis and other urinary tract problems. Swallowing this plant will help you immediately to improve renal transit and relieve any existing tension in the kidneys. Applying marshmallow as a poultice is very useful for all kinds of skin issues, heal burns and severe wounds. Plus, marshmallow flowers in a rich infusion or crushed can help you reduce inflammation. Just make sure you apply it through the affected area. Its many healing benefits are nearly hard to beat, you cannot deny it’s a one-of-a-kind treat.

  • Great for respiratory illness
  • Works well for urinary tract issues
  • Good first aid for burns and wounds

Revolutionary American Manufacturing

Marshmallow roots were popularized in the US right after the development of a new procedure to make marshmallows was introduced by Alex Doumak revolutionizing  marshmallow snack manufacturing. Today, Americans are among the top consumers worldwide. They purchase around 90 million pounds per year. Before modern manufacturing these snacks were made by combining egg whites, sugar and mallow root sap. Nowadays, this has been replaced by starch, corn syrup, gelatin and water. Before all the sugar products are added to the marshmallow root it is a good for lowering sugar indexes for diabetics.

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