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There are over 500 indigenous tribes of people in the United States and many of the tribes keep their healing secrets to themselves. Healing varies from tribe to tribe and healer to healer. This was not only for the need to keep the herbal recipes secret, but also that there was a limit of territory available to the people who used these  herbal teas. We know that there are many different prayer rituals and ceremonies used specifically for healing the sick. Indigenous Tribes of Native American people who had lived a clean and naturally pure life, had never been exposed to the germs that the visitors has brought, therefor they had no immunity. Herbs are mashed down into poultice the best herbal teas and ointments and used on us or in us to heal.

The Benefits

Whether the Native Americans Herbal remedies are shared, we all know that they were quite successful and popular. Because of the secrecy of medicine men and women as it were, we don’t have very many facts on how the Native American people heal themselves. Through as much research that can be done on the subject through journalists and herbalists alike have followed the path of enlightenment by going to the source, typically they will come out the other side knowing as much as they did going in.

  • Great for healing the sick, Native Americans came up with the best herbal remedies
  • Tribes will protect the ingredient best tasting herbal
  • Not very much is known ab0ut Native American herbal remedies

What is Know About Kingo?

We can be presumptuous and act like we know what these tribes do to heal their sick, but, in fact, unless we are a member of the tribe, we are not meant to know. The Native American people should be respected for the knowledge they possess and that it is theirs to give or not. If we were able to cultivate and share the knowledge that they carry, it is quite possible that we could heal not only our nation, but our world. We as human beings spend too much time trying to find out what is wrong with the world instead of utilizing what is right with it.

photo credit: 3rd Annual Columbia University Pow-Wow 2013 *Sunday Only* via photopin (license)

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