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Beeswax can be applied as a treatment for removing stains on the teeth, or you can even get this majestic product to prevent diseases caused by vitamin A deficiency. That is right! You can even protect and heal your chapped lips. Yet, you might want to learn about its many uses and benefits. Beeswax are like bricks formed by worker bees. Of course, they need a complex housing to deposit honey and pollen. It is known to foster cell health, lock in moisture, and of course, protect skin from free radicals. Native Americans used Beeswax to heal wounds and as an anti-inflammatory solution. Its antioxidant properties are hard to miss, not to mention its anti-bacterial effects that are pretty much incredible.

Uses and Benefits

Today, it is among top choices within candles selections. Plus, it has a range of medical and industrial uses. Whoever approaches the world of bees cannot help but to feel extreme admiration and respect for these industrious insects. Honey consists of more than a hundred different substances. This is an authentic option that plays a fundamental role in human nutrition. It is considered as one of the most incredible foods that Mother Nature provides. No matter what, bees are capable of traveling countless miles. They visit infinite flowers to achieve their goal. If you take a close look, you will note many fascinating aspects about their complex. Their extraordinary sense of organization is just fantastic! This can just be explained as a one-of-a-kind communication system within the animal world. As the medicine men of the old Native American tribes knew Beeswax would bring a wide array of benefits and incorporated that into Native American herbal remedies. 

  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  • It has emollient and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Candles help get rid of bacteria and molds and it produces less smoke than other waxes.
  • It is great to shave the body hair because it is not as aggressive as common waxes.
  • It has plenty of uses in paints, leather treatments and other industrial uses.

Medicinal Properties

As soon as you begin looking at the details, you will notice that Beeswax has numerous health benefits. Its popularity has been growing in recent years, bringing together specialists, physicians and beekeepers in the detailed task of discovering new uses and beeswax properties. Many universities and doctors are looking onto new formulas to heal wounds and burns. The power of this product to help heal wounds is not really new. Ancient Egyptians and Native American used it for many years, and even soldiers would treat wounds with this alternative. All in all, this ancient practice isn’t painful and it is quite effective. Beeswax antiseptic and emollient effect is linked to specific substances like inhibin. This is a health bombshell that will even add a touch of flavor and sweetness as part of the best tasting teas. It is full of vitamins, organic acids, minerals, and of course, enzymes. Don’t hesitate to look onto the ultimate products that will boost your metabolism. Its benefits are just outstanding.
photo credit: 1 lb bees wax bar via photopin (license)

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