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Also known as Lung Tea the Forests Tea is a smooth beverage that is amazing for the treatment of the respiratory system, and everything around the chest area. The mixture of roots, herbs and spices rich in minerals as well as very comforting for the body. This tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day and makes a great morning drink to open up the chest from congestion, it really gets you ready for the day. Forests tea is also great to drink at night to clean your airways and calm your body before bed. This tea contains many natural ingredients which make it very beneficial for your body, not only to help your body, but to relax your soul.

All Natural and Healthy

The herbs mix together very well to make a one of the best tasting herbal tea. The ingredients give the tea a variety of exotic flavors, that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. This tea can be consumed by both males and females, as well as seniors, adults and children. This is a great beverage that can be given to children at breakfast, and or at dinner, to help them with their daily lives. This tea has been around for a long time, and has been enjoyed by many great civilizations such as the Ancient Chinese, who were great believers in the Forests tea. As well, the tea is very popular Native Americans and was used Native Americans teas. The drink would be used by Native Americans to help with chest pains.

  • Is all natural
  • Is safe for all ages
  • Decreases pain and increases functionability
  • Used by Ancient Chinese and Native Americans

Make it a daily habit

This tea can also be altered to fit one’s needs, more herbs can be added to enhance the flavors , enhance potency, or add other desired properties. This tea should be added to your daily life, and it is very easy to make at home.Not only will it benefit you physically, it will have positive effects on your mood, which will change how you interact with people. The tea was formulated to help with coughing, and the irritation of the chest, but it also works by relaxing your muscles and letting your lungs breath easier and more efficiently. The spices and herbs also give the body lots of vitamins and minerals. This great herbal tea has recently gained notoriety and is becoming more popular around the world.

photo credit: St. Louis Canyon Waterfall via photopin (license)

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