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Lavender is a vastly used flower for many of  the best herbal tea remedies, but it is mostly used to treat insomnia. You can find lavender as an essential oil, as a baby bath and baby wash, as well as a dried herb to steep for tea. Lavender is used in a variety of other products such as powders, air fresheners, hand creams, and candles to provide the opportunity for people to assess its calming effects anywhere at any time.


The whole lavender flower is used to make medicines. None of it is wasted because there are uses f from the stem, to the leaves, and the flower. Lavender can help treat insomnia, depression, restlessness, anxiety and even pain. Some people use lavender as a food additive and eat it every day because of its healing components. Lavender is used through aromatherapy by many massage therapists because of its ability to completely relax the body through scent. It is rubbed into the skin and is effective in relieving some muscle groups. Lavender is also used in aromatherapy to help calm agitation. Rubbed into the skin lavender oil is very warm and comforting on the skin, it is almost like a quilt, the most comforting of all blankets, laying across the whole person.

  • Leaves a pleasant feeling
  • Comes in a variety of forms
  • Available in a variety of products
  • Has a relaxing quality

Relaxing Products

I applaud lavender as an oil that heals in all of its glory for how it relaxes and eases the mind and the body, giving way to sweet dreams of cotton candy and fluffy clouds. Major companies now have lines that include lavender in their baby shampoos and powders. If the benefits of lavender are good enough to be added to baby products, then why not use lavender for yourself.  In a tea, oil, or a bath soak, find the most effective way for you to feel better and more relaxed.
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