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Tea has been in vogue since forever.  It remains the second most consumed beverage on the planet, second only to water. Yes, it sounds amazing, and it is true. In a world that is increasingly sophisticated, tea drinkers seem to have is a big sensory for the different properties of various teas, avidly learning to distinguish tastes, smells, preparation and food pairings for every gourmet. Tea simply cannot escape this trend.  Be ready to learn about the best black tea ever. Keemun Tea is very famous. Grown in China, Qimen, Anhui Province, and East of the country, it is full of stories. Many myths accompany the birth of the best herbal teas. Although green tea production in Qimen has a long tradition, which dates back to the Tang Dynasty, the cultivation and production of black tea began in the late nineteenth century.

Sweet China Tea

Production was probably inspired by the famous black tea from Fujian; Lapsang Souchong, whose prestige and exports were growing at that time.  Nevertheless, Keemun tea quickly acquired its own character and deserved reputation due to its excellent quality and intense aroma. The combination of well-drained soil and warm, humid climate of the area allows for a good adaptation of fermentation for the tea leaves.  The fruity aroma, with hints of pine and dried flowers create their distinctive and balanced taste; smooth, fresh body and is often used in premium versions of famous blends as English Breakfast tea. Try it! This tea is just delicious.

  • Excellent quality and taste
  • Balanced and smooth flavor
  • Is naturally sweet

A Great Choice

Known by different names that reflect its status as the “burgundy of teas” or “queen of fragrance” for its orchid’s scents sometimes people call it “Sweet China Tea”, which is usually enjoyed straight without milk or sugar. Lately, there seems to be a rediscovery of tea. Fashion magazines, gourmet or style sections of newspapers and business magazines articles circulate notes on the resurgence of tea and stiff competition that is making the coffee, another drink crowd.  English speaking countries are major consumers of tea, especially black tea; which gets its color created during the application process after removing the pits from the plant.  However, black teas processes vary depending on the culture, the country and the “type area”.  The tea leaves range in large fonts, wrapped by hand or using machinery adapted to process tea.  As the sheet leaves are worked, enzymes initiate the process of oxidation. Once done, dry leaves obtain the characteristic black tea color and aroma. Expect to enjoy a sweet, easy to drink, with a strong but sweet touch and smoky notes-a touch of orchid! It is one of the best tasting herbal teas.

photo credit: Combretum indicum (aka Chinese honeysuckle or Rangoon creeper) via photopin (license)

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