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In today’s world, tea drinkers are looking for more and Lapsang Souchong can offer just that! It is always one of the best findings, especially if you are seeking to try one of the most extraordinary beverages in the world. Its smoky, rustic, woody and roasted flavor is very original! Lapsang Souchong Tea is originally from China.  Legend has it that this tea appeared during the time of the Qing Dynasty, when the passage military stopped the production of tea and traditional drying of leaves prompting tea producers to speed up the drying process by having the tea leaves dried over fires. Lapsang Souchong means “smoky variety” and is available in sheets of black tea, black tea powder or black tea bags. Lapsang Souchong is the typical region of Fujian, China where black tea is harvested.

A Smoked Black Tea

Its main characteristic is that the leaves are smoked over a fire made of pine branches. The name, translated into Castilian means “smoky variety.” This because the leaves go through an oxidation process where the leaves are roasted in a bamboo basket which contributes to the unique wood flavor.  Souchong refers to the placement of the tea leaves on the tea plant, which are the fourth and fifth leaves away from the bud.  Smoking allows for a less desirable part of the plant to be marketable.

  • Some properties of one of the best herbal teas for health tea, aids in relaxation
  • Offers antioxidants, which helps your immune system
  • Helps deal with bad cholesterol
  • Diuretic properties aiding with weight loss.
  • This tea also provides a boost of energy, offering about half the caffeine a cup of coffee offers, but with all of the healthful qualities of tea.

Smoky Tea

This slightly astringent tea possesses a unique flavor and the color can be quite dark, with reddish or golden hues.  The best tasting herbal tea offers a burnt wood, smoky aroma that lends to a smoky flavor that is ideal for serving with cheese or salty foods.  The uniqueness of this mysterious tea also allows it to be used for more than a drink. Don’t let the experience end in your cup, try it as a marinade for roasted meat, use it to liven up fish dishes, and add a little smoky flavor to your ice cream. This tea is very versatile.
photo credit: Steaming Tea for Shivering Photographers via photopin (license)

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