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A delicious exotic fruit, little known and rather exotic, Ajwain is a fruit that is becoming quite popular in major international markets who know it as “star fruit.” Despite its metamorphosis in how to call it, this fruit has its origin in Indonesia and Malaysia, produced today by countries like Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil and Thailand. Its small size has a concentrate of bittersweet, and you can savor its pulp. So even if its large amount of water reduces its value, it still always benefits our body, especially in the best herbal teas. There are many vitamins and minerals, not to mention the water content, that will support or increase our body’s health.

A Rich Source

Ajwain is a rich source of nutrition low in carbohydrates and fats, and high in proteins, vitamin C, and fibers, all of which are necessary for a busy life. There are some properties that we can find in the delicious pulp so that our nervous system and immune system are the main beneficiaries of its ingestion. There is potassium in small quantities, which is the mainly responsible for hydration and cellular regulation. Finding this exotic fruit was a difficult task, however many grocery chains now carry exotic fruits when in season. They are a bit pricey, but the opportunity to expand your diet with such a health packed fruit is worth the price. Since it provides vitamins, this fruit is good for all people and especially for those who have an increased risk of deficiencies. In addition, people who cannot tolerate citrus, pepper or other vegetables should eat it. Persons with low-fat diets, and, therefore, low content of vitamin A, or just people with increased nutritional needs ( growth stage, pregnancy, breastfeeding, smoking, stress, cancer, AIDS, increased physical activity, etc..

  • Good for diets
  • It has laxative properties
  • Recommended for diabetes, hypertension and diseases of the heart and blood vessels

Something to Look For

This fruit presents a contribution of nutrition and antioxidants that makes it a good ally for our health. It is also a really great tasting component to the best tasting herbal tea. Therefore, its use is highly recommended for children, youth, adults, athletes, pregnant women or nursing mothers and the elderly. Within the mineral content of the fruit stands potassium, which is necessary for both the transmission and generation of nerve impulses, for normal and be the primary responsibility for regulating cell hydration and muscle activity. Being a fruit rich in water and low in calories, fat and carbohydrates are ideal for inclusion in weight control diets. In addition, it is great for those who do not follow the diets can take without restrictions due to its low caloric intake. This fruit packs a good bit of vitamin C and A which are vitamins essential for vision, the condition of the hair, skin, mucous membranes, and bones and the proper functioning of the immune system.

photo credit: DGJ_0472 – Star Fruit via photopin (license)

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