Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Mother Nature gives us plenty of options to improve our overall health. On countless occasions we have some alternatives to achieve goals in the most natural way possible. This is why, you cannot ignore Damiana. It is common in arid American tropics and its sawn shape is impossible to be mistaken. In this post, we will stop to analyze a plant, which may not be too well known, but it certainly brings health benefits. Be ready to enjoy its varied benefits. While its main use is in the case of male impotence, it also acts like a libido enhancer for both genders. Become powerful and secure thanks to this Damiana!

Nutritional Benefits

Among Damiana nutrients, we can highlight: ascorbic acid, iron, cobalt, chromium, and zinc. Moreover, it provides us with other advantages like tannins, which is similar to grape, fiber, caffeine, etc. All these substances will help keep our body in perfect condition. Believe it or not, this plant contains chlorophyll and vitamin B! So yes, it is time to rush to the closest supermarket to get some of it! In addition, there are essential oils for healing that are absolutely beneficial. This will allow you to keep up with overall body cells maintenance. Its medicinal benefits are infinite. All in all, it acts on the nervous system and serves as a brain tonic. Damiana is an Amazonian plant with a quick and effective action on the nerve centers. This is why it is a general sexual tonic. It also stimulates the kidneys, and bladder.

  • Contains many vitamins and minerals
  • Used as a general sexual tonic
  • Helps with stress, anxiety and tension
  • All natural with no side effects

Great Stimulator

Furthermore, it is a potent nervous system stimulator. This is also fantastic to simply forget everyday problems, stress, anxiety, tension, etc. caused by exhaustive work schedules or traumatic situations. Some take it to overcome mild depression. As far as toxicity is concerned, there are no side-effects associated with Damiana. It will help you awaken your senses to get stronger and better sensations. You might want to consider Damiana as one of the herbal remedies for anxiety which has stimulating effects in cases of fatigue, decay, reluctance, and even during depressive states. Native Americans would use it in these states to activate the stimulation of their body and their mood. In addition, Damiana provides us with a diuretic effect which helps you avoid urine infections and kidney stones. Plus, it is fantastic to treat respiratory infections.
photo credit: Tombstone Roses & Mr. Wrightson via photopin (license)

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