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The number one way to find Native American herbal remedies and what you need to make them can all be found online. The library is another great resource. I have found tons of books at the library that show photos very clearly for what you are looking at. It is especially important to utilize this resource if you plan on either growing your own herbs or you want to pick them out in nature. Another resource which is growing in America is the natural herb shops, where you are able to find most herbs you are looking for already prepared and ready to be mixed at your request.

Natural Uses

Every time you mix up a paste of cloves and water for a toothache or baking soda and water for a tummy ache you are using a natural way of healing. We all use some form of an old wives tale remedy to fix one ailment, or another. These old wives tales are a derivative of ancient herbal remedies passed down from one hand to the next. Hundreds of years ago there was not any documentation of Native American remedies until settlers came from Europe and infiltrated Native American societies. As these remedies were secretly documented other plans were being formed to eradicate the use of such remedies. So some of the oldest and most effective ways of healing are  closely guarded by a few Native Americans herbal teas that still exist.

The Recepies

You can find many of these documented remedies online, but the very best of the best you will find at the library. When you make the choice to use these remedies, be thoughtful about it. Fresh herbs are always the best way, but if you cannot find them easily, use a reputable herb store. They are quite knowledgeable about what they sell and have multiple ways to contact them if you have questions or concerns about something specific. By doing your research, you should know that there are many types of herbs that you should not mix. Mixology and Herbs is a great resource book and what herbs when combined become toxic. Black Cohosh and Pennyroyal are great herbs on their own for stomach problems, but when you mix them, they will cause a miscarriage.

photo credit: Ancient herbal remedies via photopin (license)

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