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Considering the title of the article I can clearly say yes. Holistic herbs are no more toxic for you than eating carrots or celery. What is toxic, is a combination in which they are put together. This is a real medical practice and those creating these remedies are natural Pharmacists. Going to a Holistic Healer is my highest recommendation first before going to someone in Western Medicine. The reason I feel this way is because when we began, we only had what grew from the ground. Most modern medicines are created with the very plants that Holistic Healers use to heal, but they are loaded with man made chemicals. A lot of modern medicines have very particular chemicals in them to make you feel as though you cannot do without them. This in turn creates addiction. It has never been documented in our history that someone has been addicted to any plant but for the Poppy that Opium is derived from.

Natural Benefits

Out of the plants we find minerals and vitamins indicative to where we live. If you live in a zone where the ground is covered in sewage and disease, then that is what you will put in your body if you plucked a flower from that ground and ate it. Not to mention all of the best  herbal teas for health. Having knowledge is having power. There are many amazing books out there that have managed to document every single plant on our planet with a photo next to it. I am positive there are many more yet to be discovered, but the ones we do know about we have found out on our own great many uses for them. As stated before there are certain combinations of plants as much as with modern prescription drugs, that can be toxic. Some are even fatal.

  • Packed with minerals and vitamins
  • All natural, no man made materials
  • When applied correctly, no side effects

Go With What is Best

Natural is always best. I can easily pronounce words like lavender, chamomile, pennyroyal, devil’s walking stick, so it seems they would not be so harmful to me. It is the words on the side of bottles of Tylenol and other over the counter drugs as well as prescription that I cannot pronounce that scare me, not to mention the long list of awful side effects to go with them. Just as with anything, care must be taken, even with herbal remedies, as too much of anything can be a bad thing. This is to avoid the very unlikely possibility of a dangerous side effect of even the best herbal tea remedies.
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