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Sorrel provides numerous health benefits. Sorrel has an enormous content of vitamins A and C, many minerals, citric acid as well as other attributes.  Sorrel is a plant with small and strong branches that grows very easily. It is grown in Paraguay and is known as the Hibiscus sabdariffa, with abundant plant acids. It is possible to obtain very pleasantly flavoring preparations in Native American herbal teas and juices. Sorrel does not require much water and favorably grows in warm climates and needs plenty of sunlight. Sorrel is underused mainly because the information about its important properties for human and animal consumption are not widespread. Moreover, the antioxidants found in it makes consumables that help fight various diseases.

Health Effects

It is used for teas and juices in several countries and is often used in the preparation of jams for its mild flavor and because it retains most of its properties. Many researches have proven Sorrel to be a high positive value on human health, and makes a great herbal tea for health. Used in fresh water or made into a tea Sorrel can be very good for weight loss.  This is accomplished because it helps the digestive process as a slight laxative and diuretic by making the kidneys work; giving purifying and detoxifying results. Cooks use the green leaves of the Sorrel plant in special dishes, replacing the spinach in the preparation of rice with fish, which gives a unique flavor.

  • It is a heart tonic
  • It is a diuretic, antiseptic, analgesic.
  • It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent, healing, cleansing, soothing, sedative, tonic, stimulant, vasodilator (helping to lower blood pressure) and vitamin.
  • It is rich in potent antioxidant compounds, which will give it its deep red color.

Other uses

Sorrel leaves can be dried and eaten to treat skin conditions, or the fresh leaves can be ground and the extracted liquid can be used as a topical to treat skin rashes and irritations.  Sorrel seeds may also be useful in animal nutrition. Studies found that chickens that consume sorrel seeds as an addition to their regular diet were larger and healthier that those not given the supplement.  This could be a great organic alternative to pumping our livestock full of antibiotics. Another aspect of livestock use of Sorrel is their tender leaves, some serve as food for birds and as needed mulch. Sorrel fiber can also be made into handmade cords.
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