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Wise Women tea is a great tea for older women who want to feel more vitalized. As women age the hormones in their body become more erratic. Menopause is a difficult time of life and  may cause a lot of discomfort during the process. Some of the most common discomforts are hot flashes and night sweats, not to mention the abnormal mood swings which can affect your feelings and daily interactions with others. There are many over-the-counter and prescription medications in the market that can help, however you may want to choose a natural Native American herbal remedy for this concern.

Natural Remedy

A great natural remedy is Wise Women Tea, this tea has many great and rich minerals, that help nourish and support those women in need. The tea is the best tasting herbal tea and can be enjoyed by women of all ages but is best suited for those women who have just finished or, are going through menopause. The tea has been used for generations dating back to ancient times. In particular, the Native Americans  were  avid followers and users of the tea. Not only does the tea help the body physically it can help you emotionally as it eases stress and makes you feel great.Wise Woman tea works in many different ways, one of which is that it helps your digestive system. It also improves your sense of thought as well as your emotional state. The tea contains many natural herbs that all fuse together perfectly, each bringing its own ingredient and benefit to the tea. One ingredient used in Wise Women tea is motherwort, this herb has a long medical history, especially in women, the herb has been used to prevent uterine infection.

  • Helps with the symptoms of menopause
  • Good for digestive system
  • Helps prevent abnormal mod swings
  • Provides a variety of vitamins and minerals


The great thing about the tea is that more herbs can be added to the tea to enhance flavor and improve the benefits of the tea. That is the great thing about natural remedies, the addition of more herbs only enhances the benefits you are receiving. The herb has a long history with women, it has been used in the birth process. People claim that consuming this herb before childbirth prevents hemorrhage. It has also been used in China to prevent pregnancy and regulate menstruation. That is only one herb used in the tea, imagine the wonders it can do for your body. This is a great recipe to be passed down to your children, not only is it a healthy beverage, it can help you feel and function better in your daily activities.

photo credit: Wisdom of the Ages via photopin (license)

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