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Cinnamon is probably one of the most famous spice in the world. Tspice is gathered from the inner bark of several trees an has many uses not only in the culinary aspect as well as the medicinal aspect. This spice has been around for centuries, many different cultures have used it, from the Chinese to the Egyptians, the Hebrew bible mentions the spice many times. The Greeks also thought very highly of it. In the Roman empire it was a luxury only the wealthy could afford it and benefit from. The Portuguese took control of the spice in the 16th century and changed the value and production of the spice. The British seized the spice production in 1796, and spread it around the world, introducing the spice to the Native Americans.

Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon has many benefits one can take advantage of, while diabetes is a growing problem in our world cinnamon can help. It is effective in improving blood glucose, specifically in patients that have type two diabetes. Cinnamon is a great herb to add to teas, beverages, or just to add taste to food. Cinnamon is the best herbal tea for colds because of antibacterial properties. Cinnamon is also helps in athletes foot medicine. Cinnamon has more to offer than a spice for cooking, cinnamon actually helps with your digestion. It can help treat the loss of appetite or help with upset stomachs. Native Americans also used this spice by adding it to chocolate. Cinnamon oil has become very popular as it holds a potent aroma and the scent can be used to make disinfectants, pesticide, mouth washes, and many other things. Cinnamon oil is quite expensive so it is quite hard to acquire. It is one of the most exotic smells and imparts a quality that is one of the  best tasting herbal teas.

  • Increases appetite
  • Improves blood glucose levels
  • Antibacterial

Uses of Cinnamon

This spice has a wide variety of use, most of which come in the culinary aspect. Cinnamon enhances flavor, while also adding aroma. Mexico uses the spice in preparation of chocolate, Mexico also happened to be the main exporter of cinnamon. Cinnamon has become very popular in the art of baking, not only because of its taste but also its aroma, cinnamon has became and easy spice to cook with. True cinnamon is more suitable for sweet dishes while cassia is to potent. The Middle east countries use the spice to cook meat, mainly chicken and lamb. The United states has become very fond of the spice, using it often to flavor apples. Unlike many spices cinnamon can be eaten directly. In Persian cuisine cinnamon is greatly used, especially in soups, pastas, and sweets. Another uncommon use of cinnamon is bug repellent, while it has not been tested, many Native Americans use it, it has been proven effective in killing mosquito larvae. In ancient time cinnamon had many other uses, it was believed to cure reptile bites, freckles, cold, and kidney problem, that was just a few things it was used for.

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