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Fennel is widely used in food and medicine. One of the key components of Italian sausage which makes it delicious. Its anise flavor and aroma is highly valued in Native Americans herbal remedies. While it is assumed that fennel is native to the Mediterranean, it now grows wild worldwide. It grows underground like onions and fennel can be used to accompany salads, fish and red meat. The use of fennel in food is very common and is in the same family as dill, celery, coriander, and parsley. Since the ancient Greeks and Native Americans knew about some of the benefits of fennel, they would focus on growing it abundantly in specific regions.


In ancient times fennel was used to decrease appetite so warriors could lose weight for battle.  This was not only used in battle, but also by the monks who used it to keep up with fasting. In addition, this is known as a great expectorant, it improves vision and upset stomachs. Its written all over its stems, you will start functioning in a marvelous way. Fennel is also highly valued for its diuretic properties. It has carminative properties that allow you to eliminate flatulence and regulate the digestive tract. It is an antibacterial, and helps combat bacteria causing some types of diarrhea. Fennel was also used as an aid in menstruation regulation and colic treatments due to phytoestrogen present as natural estrogen in women.

  • Reduces appetite
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Aids with menstruation

Did you know?

The Fennel bulb is used to make absinthe. This strong drink brings unique sensations. The powder made from fennel seeds is an ingredient of curry and garam masala Indio. Pollen extracted from its small flowers is highly valued and are certainly priced higher in the market. Moreover, it is used like a digestive after meals. Lastly, fennel extract is used in pharmacology for flavoring and flavoring toothpastes, mouthwashes and mask the bad taste of some medications. Also used in perfumery, this extract appears to be ideal to produce soaps and shampoos. To conclude the leaves, tender stems, and bulbs are widely used for cooking to flavor many dishes as well as for the best tasting herbal remedy.
photo credit: ΦΙΝΟΚΙΟ ΕΙΣΑΓΩΓΗΣ: Fennel imported via photopin (license)

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