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The Chinese are the first to discover tea, and there are most of its varieties, but green tea is the most popular one in Japan. Although they imported the collection and treatment methods from China, over the centuries, the Japanese have become experts in its cultivation and production, to the point that the drink has become a cultural icon of the country. Well, the best green teas in Japan are in the Uji, Kyoto region. The vast majority of Japanese best tasting herbal teas are Genmaicha, Sencha, Bancha, or any other tea grown in full sun. Fraction Gyokuro teas are the most expensive and recognized ones, which are grown in the shade.

Genmaicha Tea

You will notice the difference between specific green tea flavors, mainly because of the manufacturing process. Genmaicha tea is boiled, mainly to stop oxidation, to preserve the taste of grass.The feature that makes green tea is almost considered a true “natural medicine” in that it is a fermented tea, which keeps almost all natural components as if in the natural state. The main properties of Genmaicha tea includes a powerful antioxidant, digestive properties, and rich in essential vitamins and minerals, plus it is one of the best tasting herbal teas.

  • It is a powerful antioxidant delaying the aging process.
  •  It can help you lose weight.
  • It is rich in minerals, sodium, fluoride and vitamins A, B and C. These boost the immune system and can help the body protect itself in the event of virus or infection.

A Little on How to Prepare

Green tea is low in protein, and should be prepared with water that is not “boiling” or else it can become too bitter. Genmaicha tea contains, in general, half of protein than black tea, but it certainly boosts metabolism. Japanese teas should boil at a lower temperature and for less time. The green tea will get a very aromatic and comforting infusion which is soft and delicate, with slightly yellowish, greenish or golden tones. You can drink this delicious healing herbal tea whenever you feel like it; however, it is best when you drink it after meals and before a workout. You can try many variations, for instance, drink it cold! Genmaicha iced tea is becoming very popular.
photo credit: Alishan Forest Recreation Area via photopin (license)


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