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Chamomile is a common name for several plants that look like daisies. These plants have been used in the best herbal teas to help people sleep and relax. Chamomile contains coumarin, a compound that thins out your blood, just like an aspirin. This plant is native to Europe and Asia but has now spread around the world. The plant has also been introduced to Native Americans, and they have benefited greatly from the plant. The plant holds compounds that are so strong it is not recommended for women who are pregnant, or women who are breast feeding. Chamomile has also been added to cosmetics for the skin because it has anti- inflammatory effect. Did you know chamomile is also used to enhance blonde hair?

Benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile is used a lot around the world and has many benefits and uses such as a muscle relaxant. Buy the herb and make your own tea, this will help with muscle cramps, stomach pains, or muscle pain. Many athletes have taken to chamomile to help relax the muscle after a hard exercise. Two to three cups a day is enough for most pains. The plant can also be used for the skin, and can help cure burns, allergies and many other skin problems. Chamomile has been used as a remedy to clear acne as well as other skin irritations as well as a remedy for insomnia. The plant has oils which are very beneficial to the human body and is popular for its aroma. It has also been known to be used for cleansing homes. The Native American herbal remedies have used chamomile as a tea to help with stomach problems, as well as an incense.

  • Has many safe and natural applications
  • Helps with headaches
  • Good to apply to skin disorders
  • Helps with cramps of all sorts
  • Has cosmetic properties

Chamomile Uses

Chamomile can be used for many sort of things, it can be made into a tea, powder, or pill. The tea can help with all sorts of things, mainly to help with stomach problems. Many teas have been brewed with chamomile to help with anxiety, and panic attacks. Chamomile has also been made into a cream which helps with skin problems. The cream can be applied to help with cuts, burns, as well as scrapes. The cream is also used for clearing up the skin, mostly with people suffering from acne, or eczema. Chamomile has also been linked to reduce excessive gas and bloating, because of the oils it contains. Chamomile is a great cure for migraines, it can actually stop a migraine before it even starts. Women who have had problems with PMS or menstrual cramps will find chamomile tea a great and natural way to treat them.

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