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So what do you know about hops? Did you know it is part of the Cannabaceae (marijuana) family? Yes it is the main ingredient in BEER, but did you know the herb has been dated back to the fourteenth century, not only in beverage making, but also in treating many illnesses and pains. While Native American herbal remedies made a habit of using the natural herb, hops has been used to treat many Ailments including diarrhea, restlessness, boils, toothaches, headaches, pain, tension, stress, ulcer, bad circulation, body cramps, shock, and can go as far as treating gonorrhea. As most plants, it has male and female plants, the female plants are the ones that produce the cones which is what flavors the beer, so only the female plants are grown in hop fields.

Use of Hops

Hops is considered a nerve sedative which means it soothes your nerves and muscles, including the brain. While too much hops can leave you feeling awful, the right amount can actually have positive effects on the body and mind. This helps to get better and more relaxing sleep at night, cutting down stress, or just plain out helping you fall asleep. Native Americans have used hops for methods of relaxation, as well as to cure injuries. Doctors have been known to prescribe hop teas or hops drinks to patients with insomnia, being a better choice than prescriptions drugs because it has no risk of addiction or harmful side effects. The Native Americans used the plant more as a cream to treat aches and pains. They would dry the plant mash it up and rub it on the painful area.

  • Soothes muscles and nerves
  • Helpful against insomnia
  • No risk of addiction
  • Fights inflammation

More Benefits of Hops

While there exist a limited amount of specific evidence to support its benefits, people still believe in the healing powers of Hops. Native American herbal teas have used the herb in many medicinal ways. The two chemicals that are found to be the benefit to health are called humulone and lupulone. These chemicals have been known to cure infections, including tuberculosis. In Germany researchers have used to the plant to help with menopause, and arthritis because of the effect it has on relaxing the muscle.  Hops has been used as a sedative to counter hysteria, or to induce sleep. Hops has been scientifically proven to fight inflammation and causes a soothing effect which brings on sleep to patients with insomnia. Warm hops is used to relieve toothaches, and stress while “Hop juice” is said to cleanse the blood. Native Americans believe the herb is an aphrodisiac for men. Hops is also used to cure pain and aches by applying the mashed up hops on cuts, burns, or swelling to counter the effects.

photo credit: hops @ 2008 fresh hop festival, portland or via photopin (license)

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