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We all have had a fever at one time or another. There are many over the counter medications on the market that are available, however many have serious side effects such as stomach or tooth erosion, and liver or kidney damage. There is a great natural remedy that is made with the best herbal tea which is completely natural and has been proven to help and break the fever. Fever Reducer Tea is also a great natural option to consider when suffering from the flu or cold. Its natural ingredients blend together to help break that annoying fever, or cold. This remedy has existed for many centuries, and was used by our ancestors when the medications we have now did not exist. The Native Americans were avid users of the Fever Reducer Tea, not only because of its natural components but because it actually worked. Fever Reducer tea was a basic in Native American herbal remedies. The tea can be altered to taste better, as well as altered to help with other conditions.

All Natural Alternative

The ingredients are all natural, so many herbs can be added to the tea to enhance the properties of the Fever Reducer tea. This tea can be consumed by children, as well as adults. This is a great drink to give to a sick child, not only does it help break the fever, it also gives your child many useful vitamins, that can help build up their immune system. The tea is very easy to make, which makes it a convenient and better option than drug medications. The tea helps comfort your body and helps it relax to beat that fever faster and more efficiently. This tea can be taken on a daily basis to enhance your immune system and help keep that fever away before it even hits.

  • Good for children and adults
  • Provides vitamins
  • Can take proactively

Fast Acting


One main ingredient in the tea is Catnip, this herb has a long history of medical use, and has proven itself against the fight of fever. The herb has been used in many different kind of teas, and juices to help improve the immune system, and strengthen the human body. Fever Reducer tea has been known to be fast acting. Users have said to feel the effects of the tea shortly after consuming the tea. It has been related that Fever Reducer tea has a small numbing effect on the body, and can help ease the pain right after being taken. Not only is it effective, it can be made right from your kitchen in a jiffy.

photo credit: Rtuťový teploměr; Mediacal mercury-in-glass thermometer via photopin (license)

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