Monday, January 17, 2022

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Flu and cold season can put and unpleasantness to peoples lives. Everyone in the house suffers when the cold or flu is going around. Besides the lack of sleep because you are sick, the coughing from others in the house can be detrimental to finding rest. It is very difficult to function when a family comes down with a cold or flu. Instead of taking over the counter medications than can have unpleasant side effects, try a natural home remedy known as Colds and Flu tea. Not only is it   natural remedy, it is much healthier on your body as well.

How it Works

This tea has been around for centuries and has been one of the basic Native American herbal remedies used by tribes across the Americas. Colds and Flu tea would help clear up the unpleasant symptoms. The tea holds many herbs that fuse together to fight off all those viruses and bacteria that cause respiratory ailments. The tea works by enhancing your immune system and if taken on a daily basis the tea will help prevent the flu or cold. The combination of these great tasting herbal teas work together to make one stronger and healthier, which keeps those pesky viruses from entering your body. The great thing about the tea is it can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter what age. In fact it is recommended to consume 2 cups of the tea per day to keep you healthy and active.

  • Improves symptoms of colds and flu
  • All natural remedy
  • Adaptable recipe
  • Boosts and maintains a healthy immune system

What’s in it?

Some of the ingredients in the tea can include blackberry leaves, elder flowers, linden flowers, and peppermint leaves. Each one of the ingredients brings in its on personal set of benefits to help the tea fight off bacteria and boost the immune system. Not only is Cold and Flu tea great at keeping you healthy, the tea has a great flavor too, which can be altered to fit your personal tastes. You can add different herbs to the tea to enhance the flavor or enhance the benefits provided by the tea. This tea is great for people who want a more natural way of curing ailments.

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