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Passion Flower is native to the Americas which is primarily a tropical plant, however, it is possible to find around 500 species that tend to grow in colder climates. Also known as Passiflora incarnate, it belongs to the family passifloraceae.Apart of its aromatic flowers, it produces an ovoid-shaped fruit, which is reddish-yellow like a tasty pomegranate. In some varieties, these are edible and certainly delicious. With an increase in popularity, manufacturers are beginning to make beverages, marmalades and jams.


Passion Flower benefits are infinite. Since ancient times, Europeans and Native American herbal remedies would use this as an analgesic and hypnotically smooth solution as a sedative. It is great to treat depression or mental clouding  since it is full of flavonoids and produces a sedative effect on the nervous system. The lack of toxicity allows this product to be administered to children. Passion Flower is indicated in the treatment of asthma conditions, anxiety, gastrointestinal spasms, fatigue, etc. It can even help reduce withdrawal symptoms of drugs and alcohol addiction. If you suffer from fluid retention, this may be the best choice, as well. The passion flower leaves were used by Native Americans to heal bruises and cuts as well as swellings and fungal infections. In addition, in low doses, this can be used to calm hyperactive children. This is one of the best herbal teas.

  • Gentle and soothing
  • Non-addictive
  • Restorative properties

Other Information

It has several names including Purple passion flower vine, May Pops and Apricot Vine. It is quite an attractive plant that sprawls and/or climbs vine up to twenty feet long. These unusual flowers are approximately three inches wide. With a rich fragrance, its several petals are hypnotic. Its aroma resembles that of beautiful carnations. These flowers are quite attractive on a fence, hanging over walls, or on a garden trellis. The aerial part of this plant has alkaloids and flavonoids, both act beneficially to treat a variety of problems. Plus, it will not cause habit or dependence, which is often a common concern. Its emotional boost is unique and cannot be ignored. Passionflower is a climbing vine that will aid in many ways. Restore yourself and your body.

photo credit: Passion Flower via photopin (license)

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