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Throughout history, a wide variety of civilizations all over the world have found that herbal remedies hold an incredible and potent medicinal quality, whether used in tincture, tea or capsule form. When some of these plants are burned, the smoke offers various and the best herbal teas for health, as well as many physical, emotional, spiritual or mental imbalances. This is the main reason why civilizations like the Native Americans believed that plants, such as sage, were sacred because of its effective and purifying energies. Know however you use it, it will relieve your worries, open your mind, it will clear negative thoughts and feelings, slowly harmonizing the body. It is also good for detoxification and skin cancer.

  • Wide range of applications for health
  • Makes a deodorant
  • Purifies

Medicinal Value

Sage is an antiseptic which means that it helps reduce the possibility of infection or putrefaction. Simply, it means sage destroys bacteria within the body. But why was it considered sacred? Native Americans, just like other civilizations that were more aware of their natural surroundings and had a wide range of . They were conscious, and aware of things that we today would completely ignore. Medicinal plants were provided to us as major tools for our benefit. There is actually various ways of using Sage, if you use it as oil it might be helpful in the fight against Alzheimer’s improving brain functions, memory because it aids in the circulation through coronary arteries. Herbal medicine works perfectly with conditions of the psyche stimulating the brain. Sage Leaf Tea helps regulate menstrual cycles, reduce breast flow, it is a natural deodorant, calms the nerves, great for skin, aids in healing burns and one of the best herbal teas for depression.

More Interesting Information

The latin for sage, “Salvia,” stems from the word “to heal”. The qualities of sage when burned, such as giving wisdom, clarity and increasing spiritual awareness, are also indicated in the name. Why do we refer to wise people as sagely? Aside from this, sage is also good for detoxification as a Raw Juice; it helps skin cancer and tumors. Native American rituals such as the Sundance and the “Hanbleceya”, which means crying for a dream is a vision quest, are performed and odors of fragrant, soothing and fresh sage are created for each of the participants taking part in these traditional Native American ceremonies. It is believed that this scent pleases the spirits, repealing bad influences that exist nearby.

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