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The best tasting herbal tea, Nilgiri is a black tea and one of the most popular worldwide. Yes, the tea which is drank in most English-speaking countries is the black tea. Its color is created during the handling process after removing the pits from the plant. When boiling, an enzyme is activated in the leaves and begins the process of fermentation. Once this process is carried out, the dry leaves  have the characteristic color of black tea and the desired aroma. The best herbal tea is then packaged and sent to destinations all over the world. Nilgiri has earned its reputation because of its taste and properties.

About the Tea

Some properties of black tea are very interesting, such as to possess antioxidant, be satisfying, low caloric value, and good for the stomach. The black tea has a long history behind it, and at one time was used as a form of currency. To develop this variety fresh leaf of the Camellia Sinensis, manufacturers undergo a full oxidation process that transforms the originally green leaf to a dark brown, making the flavors become more complex. The resulting infusions have an amber color, rounded body and delightful flavor. It is the most stimulating array, since the oxidation flavors the release of the protein in the infusion. During the tea process, the cell walls are broken causing loss of cell fluids. Continue the process of fermentation of 35 to 40 ° C, in which the sheets get a color due to oxidation of shades ranging from reddish brown to deep black. Finally through the drying process, the tea can be kept for up once in the teapot to display their fine aromas. Black tea and mineral tanning substances, like vitamins, ethereal oils and protein. However, compared to caffeine it acts more slowly in the body.

  • Where it grows: in the Blue Mountains- south of India.
  • Taste: strong, fresh and fragrant. Softer Assam but a stronger than Ceylon.
  • Color: Copper-amber
  • When to prepare: at any time of day. Ideal to accompany any dish.

Preparation and Basics

Its tanning properties act in a relaxing way ideal for the stomach. Their preparation is important to know the following: The intensity of its flavor varies drastically depending on the type, so each must be prepared according to individual patterns or tastes. The water temperature should be just under boiling at 202° F.  Trivia: Nilgiri’s area is the second largest producer of black tea in India, but they blend Nilgiri black tea with other black teas. The Nilgiri tea is one of the most popular and is as good as iced tea for “liveliness” and clarity.

photo credit: Coorg, India via photopin (license)

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