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Rooibos is a red bush full of properties. The rooibos tea plant has many health benefits, including high in vitamins and minerals, digestive and relaxing properties and do not contain stimulants. They are the perfect alternative to tea for moments of pure relaxation or a healthy alternative for children and people with sensitivity, and can be used during pregnancy. Rooibos is the perfect thirst quencher, hot or cold, at any time, pure or flavored, and with or without milk. It is very versatile, it can be used in a number of beverage options and can be consumed anytime.

Some Facts

Made ​​from the fine needle-shaped leaves that grow on the thin branches of this shrub, rooibos is one of the best tasting herbal teas around. For the rookie tea connoisseur, you can recognize the quality of the tea by its red color. The brighter the red the more valuable the tea is going to be. Rooibos is naturally sweet and can maintain that sweetness during longer periods of steeping. The scientific name is Asphaltus Rooibos and means “red bush” in Afrikaans. There is some confusion when it comes to identifying rooibos as it is sometimes mistaken with Dark Tea also known as Red Tea. Though the colors are similar they are two different species altogether. Rooibos can help with allergies and helps to monitor the immune system. Rooibos also helps depression and anxiety by stimulating the secretion of serotonin, a hormone which is critical for communication within the nervous system.

  • Beautiful red color
  • Naturally sweet
  • Increases serotonin
  • Is vitamin and mineral rich
  • Increases immune system

Health Attributes

Rooibos offers part of the daily recommended dose of iron. It is recommended that to maintain iron levels, that one should consume multiple daily infusions of daily Rooibos  Only with multiple daily infusions of Rooibos that this tea can be used as an iron supplement. Because it is a wonderful source of iron, Rooibos can become essential to the treatment of anemia. In addition, Rooibos makes vitamin C easily absorbed. As well, Rooibos promotes overall relaxation of  the nervous system increasing flavonoids, serotonin, a hormone naturally secreted in the brain, promotes relaxation and is associated with positive feelings. It is said that rooibos infusions have the ability to create moments, and these are called the moments of the happiness tea!Relax and enjoy a delicious latte! Close your eyes and dream of Africa while you drink a tasty cup of this healing herbal tea.

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