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The differences between tribes and the best herbal teas for healing are few. Most tribes heal using prayers, drums, ceremonies, dance, and herbs. There are, however, a few tribes that have ways of healing that are unique to their own people and not shared among other tribes because of a particular belief system that each tribe has developed. A few examples of these tribes include the Zuni, Cherokee, and Mohegan. This article will do a small exploration of each tribe. In this you may find that, just like in today’s medicine, there are many ways to apply herbal medications and this is to the discretion of the person administering it.

The Zuni and Cherokee

The Zuni tribe are the first to come to mind on this topic, because their methods of healing can be much more intense and severe. The Zuni was deeply embedded in Shamanism, which means that they believed that their healer could speak to the spirits in another plane, whether those spirits were benevolent, or malevolent. The would send pleas to all the spirits and whichever one stood out the most, is what the healer went with. If a benevolent spirit chose to stand out the loudest than the ailing one would be well if the malevolent spirit chose to stand out the loudest, then the ailing one probably wouldn’t survive the illness. It was accepted as such by all the tribe. The Cherokee tends to use the sweat lodge for healing. This is more of a spiritual walk than a physical, but because of the nature of the sweat lodge, it pulls massive amounts of toxins from the body and essentially helps you to heal. The Cherokee also uses many ceremonies and rituals for healing. Dancing around the body of a sick tribe member and chanting prayers has proven to be an effective healing method. They also used their own mixtures of Native American herbal remedies.

  • Native American herbal remedies were used in all tribes
  • Native American tribes would have their own version of application
  • Healing in the Native American culture was very spiritual

The Mohegan

The Mohegan people were strange and diverse in their ways of healing. They were quite inconsistent. If two people had the same symptoms and illness, there were two different ways used to heal them, one may work, one may not. Whatever the outcome was, it was the will of the Great Spirit. I have an issue with this particular way of healing, but it is not for me to say if it was right or wrong. There are many deep components here that we could dive into and discuss, but it just boils down to being an issue of moral ethics. Unfortunately this sounds very familiar in modern medicine, it all boils down to the amount of money you have to afford the medicines and type of care you require.

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