Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Centuries of prayer and reverent recognition of every part of this world could not be wrong. If you have never been to a tribal prayer circle, I strongly implore that you write a letter to your local Cherokee Nation, or Zuni, or Mohegan, or Cheyenne. I am sure that when you ask with sincerity and respect that you would not be denied. The experience of a prayer circle can be overwhelming to your spirit, you will want to laugh, cry, scream, clap your hands. The emotions brought forth from your body are real, and I cannot say for sure if it is the pain we feel in our soul because of all the atrocious ways that Native Americans have been treated, or if the sounds and smells of herbs used in Native American herbal remedies that coming from the circle, cry out to you.

Feeling the Healing

I could be opinionated here, or be biased, and I think I will go with bias. I am Cherokee, a small portion as it were, but still my feelings are the same. The more faith you have in the ritual, ceremony, or prayer, the better it works. If you go in as a skeptic, you will be changed. If you go in as an atheist, you may be changed. If you go in as an enthusiast, I am not sure if you are changed, your enthusiasm about being a part of the ceremony may supercede what can happen if you just release your mind.

  • Be emotionally open to healing
  • Relieves physical and emotional pains
  • Provides restoration

Healing From the Inside

So with this said, the answer, as for me, yes the prayer circles heal. Between the drums, the dancing, the chanting, and the smells of all the herbs burning (of which are also used in Native American herbal medicines), I believe that all of my ailments and woes are being torn from my body and healing me from within. Then again, it all comes down to what you will believe and have faith in. If you do not believe it will work, then it probably will not. I can tell you that if you had a medicine man heal you for an open wound, you would believe in that power. You must believe that your soul can be restored in the same way.
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