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Shea butter is a fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. Shea butter has many different uses, from cosmetics, to culinary uses, plus it makes an herbal soap. Unlike many herbal remedies this nut cannot be cultivated, and only grows in the wild. The tree can take up to 50 years to mature and produce nuts, but when matured it can live as long as 300 years. It does wonders for native tribes who rely on this nut for food, medicine, and income as the natives are actually the ones who pick the nut and sell it. Shea butter is used in cosmetics but it is also used as one of the best herbal remedies by applying it to wound cuts, sore, bruises, and scratches. Shea butter also makes great sunblock, its properties help block UV rays as well.

History of Shea Butter

Shea butter has been around for centuries and used by African countries for centuries. The tree that produces shea butter is so difficult to cultivate, that cultivation attempts have been unsuccessful even to this day. Not too much of the origin of Shea is known but what is known is the use of this as a remedy. Uses differ by tribe, some use the shea butter for food and others for cosmetics. It makes a great wrinkle cream, and some tribes have learned how to make a profit of the herbal cream remedy. Every summer companies flock to the many trees that produce this sensational nut where local tribes have started to pick and harvest and sell the nuts. The taste and the concentration of nuts are different depending on the tree it came from.

  • Difficult to cultivate
  • Used by African Native tribes
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Used in cosmetics and body creams
  • Natural sunblock

Benefits of Shea Butter

The main Benefit of shea butter is used for is cosmetology. It works great on many skin problems varying from scars to sunburn. Shea butter can also be mixed with other ingredients to take advantage of its properties. One great property shea butter has is its consistency it not only melts on contact, the skin can absorb it very well, and very quickly. Shea butter also holds many fatty acids which make it great for healing. Native tribes use it to heal wounds, scars, and bruises, this method has been adopted by the modern world. Shea butter also holds other great properties like cinnamic acid, a property that is also held by cinnamon and makes it great as an anti-inflammatory product. Not only can it be used on people, it can also be used on furniture and wood to soften leather and wood. In some parts of the world shea butter is used as a type of margarine. Some African countries have found a new use for shea butter to manage sinus problems as well as nasal congestion.

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